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Our Platinum Promise

Making the decision to undergo plastic surgery in Sydney can sometimes be daunting, often exciting, and always an extremely personal choice. Patients choose to have plastic surgery for a variety of reasons. For some, it is the end of a journey of significant weight loss or a way to combat the signs of ageing. For some mothers, it is to treat symptoms (e.g. incontinence or lower back pain, rectus muscle diverification (separation), or breast ptosis) following one or multiple childbirths. Other patients have scars or injuries that have been unappealing from an aesthetic or functional point of view, and they would like this corrected.

Many young women ask for breast enhancement surgery in Sydney to help accentuate their figure. Plastic surgical procedures are also no longer the exclusive province of women; more and more men are choosing to address the visible signs of ageing through both surgical and non-surgical means.

As we age, it is only our physical form that changes. Mentally, our attitudes, zest for living, and youthful outlook on life often remain the same. This can create some disconnect as the person that is looking back at you in the mirror bears less resemblance to the person that you feel inside. This disconnect may be harmonised with appropriate plastic surgical procedures and often even simple non-surgical procedures.

We are excited that you may consider taking that journey with us. Our philosophy of care is expressed in our Platinum Promise to you. We will strive to give you our highest level of care from the first time you see us until long after your procedure is complete. We hope to achieve this in the following manner:

Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Rohit J Kumar is a highly trained, board-certified Specialist Plastic Surgeon.

Plastic Surgeons are trained in a broad range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures and are at the forefront of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic solutions. Plastic surgery requires specific skills and knowledge of the latest innovations and techniques that are beyond the training of most other non-specialist doctors.

Dr. Kumar is accredited by the Australian Medical Council as a specialist plastic surgeon.

The Australian Medical Council (AMC) is the only government body in Australia that can accredit specialist surgical training. Some doctors may claim to be “Cosmetic Surgeons”, which can be a misleading title as most ‘cosmetic surgeons’ do not have any specialist accreditation.

Unfortunately, due to the current regulations in Australia, even doctors with a basic medical degree can call themselves” cosmetic surgeons”. Plastic Surgeons have undertaken, on average, an additional ten to fifteen years of AMC-accredited training after receiving their basic medical degree.

Dr. Kumar is a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS). These societies require their members to adhere to a strict code of ethics and fulfill continuing education requirements that include the maintenance of clinical standards and innovations in patient safety.

When choosing Dr. Kumar, you are selecting a surgeon with the highest level of accredited surgical training and multiple years of experience who will tailor his approach to best suit your body. A surgeon who operates only in accredited hospitals to provide a safe environment and has the necessary skills to manage any complications that may occur. He is a surgeon with the highest degree of ethics and will ensure that you are treated with the respect and care that you deserve.

Passionate Award Winning Team

All our team members adhere to our practice philosophy of Safety, Artistry and Service with Integrity. Our team prides itself on providing you with the highest level of care. Members of our team will always go above and beyond to ensure you receive exemplary service, patient care, and absolute confidentiality.

When you choose us, you may start your journey as a friend, but when you leave, it will be as family.

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Premium Facilities

We ensure our patients enjoy a calming and stress-free atmosphere when visiting Dr. Kumar. When having your surgery, you can rest assured that Dr. Kumar only uses accredited facilities to ensure your safety and comfort during your journey.

Dr. Kumar is accredited at some of Sydney’s premiere private hospitals, including: Westmead Private Hospital, Somerset Private Hospital, East Sydney Private Hospital, and Hunter’s Hill Private Hospital.

Professional Post-Operative Experience

Your surgical journey does not stop after your surgery. We are very aware that, in order to get the best results, the post-operative phase of your healing is just as important. Our post-operative care packs are designed to minimise any discomfort post-operatively as well as help improve your scarring. All patients have a dedicated contact number following surgery to help answer any concerns that you may have, and we ensure regular follow-ups to ensure that your end results are optimised.