Nipple and
Areola Surgery
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Nipple and
Areola Surgery
in Sydney

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We’re ready to answer any of your questions or ask as below.

Nipple & Areola

Nipple AND Areola Surgery

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It is this entire area that is termed the Nipple Areolar Complex.

What is the Nipple Areola Complex – NAC?

The nipple is commonly mistaken as the whole front “circle” of the breast. The nipple however, is at very centre portion of this “circle” and is linked with the mammary glands that produce milk.

The areola is the darker coloured area that surrounds the nipple. It varies in size and tends to be round or oval in shape.

It is this entire area that is termed the Nipple Areolar Complex.

What Surgeries can be performed on the Nipple Areolar Complex in Sydney?

There are four common procedures that can be performed on the nipple areolar complex (NAC). Sometimes these procedures are performed in conjunction with breast surgery itself while in other circumstances, some can be performed on their own.


Many patients following breast feeding or after massive weight loss suffer from saggy or drooping nipples. This is usually in conjunction with sagging or drooping breasts overall. Enlarged or heavy breasts can also have nipples that are lying quite low or pointing inferiorly. With time, as the skin ages, the nipples can also start hanging lower or pointing downward.

During the surgical procedure ( usually a breast lift or breast reduction), the nipples are lifted to a more aesthetic position. The nipples may also be repositioned so that if they are too close together or too wide apart, they can achieve more natural proportions.
The crucial aspect of the surgery is to preserve the nerves and blood vessels that supply the nipples. This helps maintain sensation in the nipple and supports its breastfeeding ability. Results are immediate, and the procedure can be done on one or both breasts.


Areola correction, or areola reduction surgery, is a procedure that decreases the diameter of one or both areola. You’re also a good candidate for this surgery if your areolae are protruding or puffy.
Following loss of weight the areolae may become quite stretched and this procedure can help reduce this stretched out areola.The procedure also works well in cases when areolae change due to pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The procedure can be performed on its own or in conjunction with other surgeries such as breast lift, breast augmentation, and breast reduction. The procedure involves the removal of the circular area of the outer brown of the areola. The skin that surrounds it is brought inwards while stitches inside the areola serve to decrease its diameter. The new areola is secured with a permanent suture, which aims to prevent it from stretching again.


Enlarged nipples or nipple hypertrophy happens when milk ducts develop in an enlarged way. Nipple enlargement can also be caused by breastfeeding due to repetitive suction.

Enlarged nipples can be a major source of frustration and have a significant impact on confidence and self-esteem. They may also lead to irritation and chafing from constant rubbing against clothes, thus causing discomfort.

The procedure includes removal of excess parts of the nipple that contribute to undesirable appearance. The main goal of the surgery is to decrease the projection or diameter of the nipple.


The most common nipple correction surgery addresses inverted nipples. Both men and women are affected by this condition. As a very simple procedure, nipple correction can increase confidence and improve body image. Benefits of nipple correction surgery aren’t limited to the more intimate moments, but extend to greater comfort when you’re wearing close-fitting style outfits.

Inverted nipple correction is a procedure that corrects the nipple to allow it to project out in a natural way. An inverted nipple happens when the nipple is pulled inward into the breast instead of pointing outwards. The ducts are overly tight and pull the nipple in.

Some of the biggest causes of inverted nipple include:
  • Congenital Cause (was present at birth)
  • Disease or trauma (any condition that involves inflammation may pull the nipple inward)
  • Ageing
  • Complications of breast surgery
  • Breast duct ectasia (benign breast condition wherein a milk duct widens and its walls thicken)
  • Breast cyst
  • Benign breast tumour
  • Subareolar abscess
  • Mastitis (inflammation of breast tissue sometimes accompanied by infection)
  • Infection
  • Fat necrosis
An inverted nipple isn’t just an aesthetic problem; its consequences can also extend to difficulty in breastfeeding for women. A baby can find it difficult, or even impossible in some cases, to latch on the breast and bring the nipple to their mouth.

The operation involves placing an incision along the edge of the nipple. This is done to gently release overly tight milk ducts. The nipple then projects out to its natural position. Depending on the severity of retraction, sometimes further procedures are required to allow the nipple to protrude. The correct choice of procedure will be determined by Dr Kumar after examination of the retracted nipple.


You may be a good candidate for nipple reshaping surgery if:

  • you have a congenital abnormality affecting nipples or you’re dissatisfied with their appearance.
  • you have had significant weight loss, breastfeeding, enlarged breasts, ageing, poor skin quality or genetics which has led to your nipples hanging low or pointing downwards




Common Questions about Nipple Reduction Surgery in Sydney.

What to expect with the nipple surgery procedure?

You may expect swelling and bruising. The operated area can be sore, and you may experience a little bit of pain and discomfort. Swelling and bruising are always a part of surgery and will fade away over time.  Every patient will recover in their own time.  You’ll get all the instructions on what you can and can’t do after the procedure.

Some procedures, if simple, can be performed in rooms under local anaesthetic to avoid private operating theatre fees.

How long does it take to recover after nipple surgery?

Nipple reshaping procedures are fast recovery. You can expect to see the results in two to four weeks. The speed of recovery depends on different factors, including your general health and your body’s healing process. Some procedures, such as inverted nipple correction may be tender or bruised for longer depending on the complexity of the surgery required to achieve a result.

How long does nipple reconstruction surgery take?

The procedures may last 30 minutes to an hour. The exact duration of the procedure depends on the type. It can be performed solely or in conjunction with other breast surgery such as breast reduction, breast lift (mastopexy) or breast augmentation (implants).

Why do nipples stay hard after breast implants?

After breast augmentation procedure nipples may stay hard due to nerve irritation, although uncomfortable, this problem tends to go away by itself in time.

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This complete guide to Nipple Reduction Surgery in Sydney covers everything you need to know about this procedure.

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Nipple Surgery and Areola Surgery Cost

Nipple Surgery and Areola Surgery Cost

After your initial consultation with Dr Kumar, you will be given a detailed itemised quote. This will include Dr Kumar’s fee, Anaesthetist fee, Surgical Assistant fee and the hospital fees. The fee will take into account whether the procedure is to be done in one stage or two, the type of implants best suited to you and the need for an additional procedures such as a Fat Grafting.

We will also provide information on our nipple surgery and areola surgery payment plan plus other different ways to pay for you surgery.

Can private health insurance be used?

If you are privately insured then you may be able use this for nipple surgery and areola surgery in Sydney. You will not be able to use this for breast augmentation surgery. You may also need to have pre-approval from Medicare using the photographs taken in our rooms or photographs taken in surgery.

Your operating theatre and hospital costs, including the post operative stay may covered if you have the appropriate level of cover and you qualify for a rebate. Medicare and your private insurance may also contribute to Dr Kumar’s fees.

Individual circumstances will vary and it is best to discuss your surgical requirements with Dr Kumar to see if your surgery ( or part of it) can be covered by your health fund.


Meet The Expert

Dr Rohit Kumar is a fully certified specialist plastic surgeon. He specialises in helping patients attain their ideal breast and body shape. Whether it’s following pregnancy, after massive weight loss or just the rigors of life, Dr Kumar can help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted and along with that the confidence you may have lost. He brings over 15 years of experience to his practice and believes in creating beautiful natural results. Dr Kumar is highly sought after for his body contouring procedures which focus on areas such as the breasts, arms, back, abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks and flanks – the areas that are most affected after losing a significant amount of weight. During your consultation, Dr Kumar will evaluate your needs and take the time to understand your main concerns before suggesting a surgical plan that is tailored specifically for you.

As a patient of Dr Kumar, you can expect a personalised and positive experience. Along with him, his professional and caring team are there to support you on your surgical journey from your first call to well after you have recovered from your surgery. Working in harmony with you, Dr Kumar and his team strive to provide exceptional results that will leave you feeling proud and confident in your own skin.