This time of year is harsh on your skin: the wind, the cold, the drying heated air indoors… what works for in the summer is not necessarily the best in the winter. During these colder months we tend to hibernate indoors with air-conditioners, gas heating systems, electric blankets and, let’s admit it, most of us enjoy a really hot shower or bath during these cooler months. as well. Although these feel great they aren’t doing any favours for your skin. It’s important to keep yourself hydrated at this time of year, and the answer is not only drinking plenty of water, but also giving your outsides – ie, your skin – a good hit of moisture, too.

Thankfully, Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary Medispa is on hand to turn scaly skin supple again, with Mayura’s Essential 3:

* Soothing Milk Cleanser – You may want to swap from your usual gel cleanser to a milk cleanser. Milk cleansers are a lot gentler and hydrating to the skin, especially the delicate eye area. The Mayura Soothing Milk Cleanser is perfect for removing all make-up and is super hydrating, containing natural ingredients such as aloe vera, rose hip oil and cucumber seed oil.

* Collagen Booster Serum – With its aloe vera base and desert lime ingredients this serum is not only hydrating but supports collagen production and skin repair.

* Hydrating Peptide Cream – Everyone likes a good night cream, especially in the winter. The Mayura Hydrating Peptide Cream contains hyaluronic acid which holds a thousand times its weight in water making this cream extra hydrating to last the whole 8 hours you *should* be sleeping. It also contains the antioxidant Q10 which encourages cell growth and maintenance, and hydrolyzed rice protein – a peptide that stimulates the rapid reproduction of fibroblasts, the connective tissue that produces collagen. This cream can be used up around the delicate eye area – two for the price of one.

Pop into the Medispa, and see for yourself. Best of all, spend $150 on our Mayura cosmeceutical range (3 products) and receive a Complimentary Chemical Peel (valued at $80). Offer valid until 31 August, 2017.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]