Male Breast Reduction
in Sydney

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Male Breast Reduction
in Sydney

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We’re ready to answer any of your questions or ask as below.

Male Breast

Male Breast Reduction in Sydney

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What is Gynaecomastia?

Sometimes called “man boobs”, Gynaecomastia is a condition that leads to excess fat and skin in the male breast region leading to enlarged or protruding breasts.
This undesired male breast protrusions can be a disturbing condition for many men. This is especially true in teenagers where body image often has greater priority and this condition is common. Older men who have suffered weight changes or hormonal deficiencies may also find they have larger male breasts. Many men over 40 or 50 complain about their ‘man boobs’ or ‘moobs’ and feel self-conscious about them.

Dr Kumar typically sees patients who fall into two age groups and four categories when looking for Gynaecomastia surgery in Sydney.

They are:

  • males in their teenage years who are embarrassed by the condition.
  • men in their late forties or early-to-late fifties who want help restoring their lost chest firmness.
  • men of either age group who have lost weight and have excess skin or fatty tissue in the chest area.
  • body contouring patients who have experienced obesity and significant weight loss.

Gynaecomastia isn’t typically physically dangerous unless it’s a symptom of an underlying medical problem (some are listed below). But having enlarged “male breasts” is often linked with emotional and social discomfort.

Having gynaecomastia can leave a man feeling very self-conscious about his body. It can also significantly impair a man’s self-confidence and clothing choices.
We live in a very warm climate. Being able to take your shirt off during summer could be important to you. Some males may avoid certain physical activities, relationships or even physical intimacy because of their chest.

Male breast reduction is slowly becoming a more common surgery performed in Australia

What Is Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Gynaecomastia surgery can contour the chest area to provide a more toned, athletic chest. This is achieved through a combination of liposuction and tissue/skin excision The results of the procedure are significant and permanent.
For the extremely enlarged and ptotic male breast, a more significant breast reduction may be indicated. Extended male breast reduction involves removal of considerable breast tissue, fat and skin. This procedure may require larger skin incisions and create more obvious scars, similar to female breast reduction scar patterns.

Some of the causes of Gynaecomastia may include:

  • hormonal changes that often occur with puberty
  • genetics
  • increased levels of oestrogen
  • decreased or lacking testosterone
  • chronic kidney or liver disease
  • HIV infection
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Over-use of certain drugs (like cannabis/marijuana, Anabolic steroids or alcohol)
  • obesity and weight fluctuation

If Dr Kumar suspects an underlying condition causing your symptoms then he may arrange some tests to assess for these prior to proceeding with any surgery.

Many men who have gynaecomastia (“man boobs”) may get embarrassed by them. If you have excess fat and skin of the breast or have concerns about the size and shape of your nipple-areolar complex, you may feel the condition has left you with a feminising effect of your chest appearance.

Surgery may help you get a flatter, firmer-looking chest and reduce the puffiness look of the nipple area

Am I A Good Candidate For Male Breast Reduction Surgery In Sydney?

You may be a candidate for fat transfer surgery if you:

  • Are embarrassed by your “man boobs”
  • Have concerns wearing tight-fitting shirts or the latest slimline shirt fashions
  • Are afraid to take your shirt off in front of someone you’re wanting to impress or in general
  • Dislike summer because you’re uncomfortable going shirtless or topless



What are some of the Benefits of a Male Breast Reduction Procedure (Gynaecomastia Surgery)?

  • Achieve a better and more masculine chest shape
  • Potential increase in self confidence
  • Ability to buy more form fitting clothing if that is your preference
  • reduced social and emotional discomfort



Common Questions about Male Breast Reduction surgery
(Gynaecomastia Surgery) in Sydney.

Is Gynaecomastia one sided or present on both sides?

Enlarged male breast tissues can be present in one breast (unilaterally) or both breasts (bilaterally)


Gynaecomastia Surgery in Sydney is performed under general anaesthesia and is usually a day-only procedure. There is minimal pain after the procedure and this is usually controlled with simple analgesia. Dr Kumar only performs this procedure under a general anaesthetic in accredited private hospitals to ensure maximal patient safety and comfort.

What Can I Expect During Surgery?

Dr Kumar will perform liposuction using a cannula to remove fat around the male breast and pectoral region and contour this area to give it more definition. A small cut may also be needed at the bottom of your areola. Throughs this cut, Dr Kumar will remove any tough breast glandular tissue that can’t be removed via liposuction alone. This is then sutured close leaving, in most cases, a barely visible scar.

How long does it take to recover?

The length of your recovery will depend on the specific procedure and technique that Dr Kumar has used for your results. Recovery times can vary from person to person. If you have a “desk job” or one that doesn’t involve significant upper body physical activity, then most patients are back at this within 2 weeks of surgery. In general, however, Dr Kumar suggests that you should allow 4-6 weeks for initial recovery following your surgery. Scar maturation/fading often takes longer.

Dr Kumar will work with you to allow for adequate and proper healing time. It is important to speak with him before returning to daily activities such as driving, lifting and exercise.

You will be given post-operative compression garments to wear after your surgery and it is vital that you follow Dr Kumar’s orders with respect to wearing these during your recovery period.

Good results depend on a collaborative approach between you and Dr Kumar. You must be willing to follow the specific instructions given to you by Dr Kumar, and attend all post-operative appointments.

Risks and Complications

If you are considering gynaecomastia surgery, then it is important that you are informed of the potential risks, complications and side effects of this surgery.

While all care is taken to minimise or totally avoid these complications and side effects, complications may and do occur despite the best medical care. It is important that you carefully read and understand the risk factors and they will be discussed in more detail when you have your consultation with your surgeon.

The Risks Include:
  • Slightly asymmetrical breasts or nipples. Both in height and projection.
  • Temporary numbness
  • Recurrence of breast growth after surgery
  • Another procedure may be needed to remove excess skin
  • Permanent pigment changes around the nipple
  • Keloids and hypertrophic scars
  • Irregularities of the nipple and areolar complex


Download Our Male Breast Reduction
( Gynaecomastia Surgery) Guide

This complete guide to Gynaecomastia Surgery covers everything you need to know about this procedure, including:
  • Male Breast Reduction Surgery Explained
  • How to assess if you are a good candidate
  • Planning for your Gynaecomastia Surgery
  • Answers to our most frequently asked questions


Male Breast Reduction Surgery
(Gynaecomastia Surgery) Cost

How Much is Male Breast Reduction (Gynaecomastia) Surgery?

After your initial consultation with Dr Kumar, you will be given a detailed itemised quote. This will include Dr Kumar’s fee, Anaesthetist fee, Surgical Assistant fee and the hospital fees.

We will also provide information on our gynaecomastia surgery payment plan plus other different ways to pay for male breast reduction surgery.

Can private health insurance be used?

If you are privately insured then you may be able use this for male breast reduction surgery in Sydney. You will not be able to use this for breast augmentation surgery. Your operating theatre and hospital costs, including the post operative stay would then be usually covered if you have the appropriate level of cover. Medicare and your private insurance may also contribute to Dr Kumar’s fees. You can call your health fund and see if you are covered. The Medicare Benefits Schedule code likely to be used is 31525.


Meet The Expert

Dr Rohit Kumar is an Australian certified specialist plastic surgeon (MED0001630444). His particular area of interest is breast and body surgery. Often patients who have achieved massive weight loss, have had one or multiple children (including twins) or have developmental or age related physiological changes ( e.g. large or ptotic breasts) may suffer from significant medical issues as a result. Some of these issues may benefit from plastic surgical procedures and Dr Kumar has over 15 years of experience as a specialist plastic surgeon to help guide you in choosing the right procedure for you.

Dr Kumar as a specialist plastic surgeon has a particular area of interest in body contouring procedures which focus on areas such as the breasts, arms, back, abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks and flanks – the areas that are most affected after losing a significant amount of weight.

During your consultation, Dr Kumar will evaluate your needs and take the time to understand your main concerns before suggesting a surgical plan that suits you.

As a patient of Dr Kumar, you can expect a personalised and positive experience. Working in harmony with you, Dr Kumar and his team strive to deliver results that surpass your expectations and do so in a safe environment. Along with him, his professional and caring team are there to support you on your surgical journey from your first call to well after you have recovered from your surgery