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Liposuction in Sydney

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What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical technique that aims to improve the contour of your body by selectively targeting and removing excess fat. This can be from areas that you may not have been able to remove despite exercise or it may for further enhancement of the results of procedure such as a tummy tuck. If you look in your mirror and see is bulges where you don’t want them, then liposuction (sometimes called liposculpture surgery) in Sydney, may be something to consider.

Liposuction shouldn’t be considered as an easy route to managing excess weight. It is ideally used for stubborn areas of body fat and small bulges that are hard to shift with less invasive approaches, such as diet and exercise changes. It works best when you are fit and healthy and can maintain a stable weight. Liposuction in Sydney can help smooth out or reduce bulging in areas such as your thighs, breasts, arms, hips and tummy areas.

Small incisions are made through which a cannula is inserted to suction out the fat cells in a designated area. This fat reduction is considered to last a very long term however, you will still have some fat cells remaining which can become enlarged if you gain weight. We therefore, recommend a good healthy lifestyle after you have your procedure to maintain and prolong your gains. Following liposuction if you continue to gain weight, take various medications, become pregnant or go through menopause or andropause then this can all affect your body contour and overall results. We strongly encourage you to get fit and healthy before you consider liposuction body contouring in Sydney with Dr Kumar.

Am I a Candidate for Liposuction in Sydney?

• You have toned up in the gym and continue a regular gym routine
• You have achieved a stable weight and ideally you are close to or at your goal weight
• You are still unhappy with your body shape
• You have bulges in specific areas or too much fat in a few specific locations on the body

If you are generally at a good weight but you are still unhappy with the shape of your body, then liposuction may be a good option to improve the appearance

It is always important to remember that, successful liposuction depends on the condition of the skin. If you have lax skin or excess skin, you may require a combination of liposuction and a skin excision procedure such as an abdominoplasty ( tummy tuck) or thigh lift or arm lift.



Liposuction ( Liposculpture, Liposuction Body Contouring) in Sydney is often considered by patients who wish to reduce areas that are prone to storing excess fat that has been resistant to exercise and good nutrition.Some popular locations for liposuction body contouring include:

• Thighs
• Hips
• Tummy
• Arms

Following Liposuction. your own proportions are enhanced or sculpted by the reduction of fat. Having a smoother contour may enhance your appearance in clothing or swim wear which may be a patent’s goal. For some patients, Liposuction of the thighs may reduce chaffing in this area while for others it may mean being able to wear a T-shirt without feeling like your arms are bulging at the sleeves.




Common Questions About Liposuction in Sydney

Liposuction can be used as an isolated procedure or it can be combined with other body contouring procedures to treat areas of stubborn fat. Liposuction works best as a tool to target areas that are resistant to exercise.


Liposuction surgery in Sydney, is performed by Dr Kumar under general anaesthesia and is usually a day-only procedure. There is minimal pain after the procedure and this is controlled with simple analgesia. Dr Kumar only performs this procedure under a general anaesthetic in accredited private hospitals to ensure maximal patient safety and comfort.


Liposuction involves the use of a small stainless steel tube, called a cannula which is connected to a powerful suction pump. This cannula is inserted into the excess body fat through small incisions made by Dr Kumar on your skin. Fat removal is accomplished as the suction creates tiny tunnels through the fatty layers sucking out and reducing those fat cells. These tunnels collapse as healing occurs, resulting in an improved body contour. Initial recovery times range from a few days to seven to 14 days. It will vary from person to person and the extent of the area being liposuctioned.

Complications and Risks

If you are considering liposuction in Sydney, then it is important that you are informed of the potential risks, complications and side effects of this surgery.
While all care is taken to minimise or totally avoid these complications and side effects, complications may and do occur despite the best medical care. It is important that you carefully read and understand the risk factors and they will be discussed in more detail when you have your consultation with Dr Kumar.

The risk include:
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Shock resulting from excessive fluid loss
  • A delay in healing
  • Skin surface may be irregular, have ripples or uneven contours
  • Heat injury or thermal burn on the skin
  • Local anaesthetic toxicity
  • Skin surface may be ‘baggy’ or asymmetric
  • Scarring
  • Numbness or a change in skin sensation
  • Skin discolouration, swelling or other changes in skin pigmentation
  • Legs may have persistent swelling
  • Fat clots or blot clots may form, which may travel to the lungs that can be life threatening
  • Friction burns or other possible damages to the nerves or skin
  • Deep structures such as the blood vessels, nerves, lungs, muscles and abdominal organs may be damaged Additional surgery may be required to revise complications

Recovery from Liposuction Surgery

If your work involves light duties, or essentially you spend most of your time at a desk then you can usually be back to work in as little as a week following their procedure. On the other hand, if your work is of a more strenuous nature, you may need at least 2 weeks to feel comfortable working again. Some minor discomfort after liposuction can be present for several months as you fully heal from the procedure.

Results from Liposuction Surgery

The results of liposuction typically come in stages and will vary from person to person.

  • You’ll likely see some results immediately after surgery, but swelling and bruising are normal and take weeks to resolve. Some residual swelling may persist for several months.
  • It’s also common to have some weight gain due to swelling and the tumescent fluid that was injected. This will resolve over time.
  • Most people see final results six months after surgery, but you may continue to see improvements for up to a year.
  • Dr Kumar recommends taking at a week off from work and your regular routine but those who undergo a small amount of liposuction may only need a few days.
  • In order to prevent blood clots and discourage swelling, light walking is usually recommended starting the day of surgery.
  • Heavy exercise and other strenuous activities should be avoided for two to three weeks.

A compression garment is worn for anywhere from three to six weeks and sometimes longer ( there are times when Dr Kumar may recommend 8-12 weeks). These garments help decrease the amount of bruising and swelling, and helping loose skin to retract. It’s important to follow Dr Kumar’s post-surgery instructions closely to ensure you have a safe recovery process and positive surgery results.



This complete guide to Liposuction covers everything you need to know about this procedure, including:

  • Liposuction Surgery Explained
  • How to assess if you are a good candidate
  • The Liposuction Surgical Process
  • Answers to our most frequently asked questions


Liposuction Cost

After your initial consultation with Dr Kumar, you will be given a detailed itemised quote. This will include Dr Kumar’s fee, Anaesthetist fee, Surgical Assistant fee and the hospital fees.

Your quote for liposuction will be tailored to your needs. Factors that will be considered include:

  1. The size of the patient;
  2. Amount of time and effort required of the surgeon
  3. Cost of anaesthetist’s services
  4. Operating room fees
  5. Preoperative laboratory fees
  6. Other related expenses, such as elastic compression garments, etc.

While the cost of Liposuction is an important factor to consider, the quality of liposuction is more important as the ultimate goal of liposuction is to have a satisfied patient. then the surgeon’s expertise and experience are undoubtedly more important than the price.


Meet The Expert

Dr Rohit Kumar is a fully certified specialist plastic surgeon. He specialises in helping patients attain their ideal breast and body shape. Whether it’s following pregnancy, after massive weight loss or just the rigors of life, Dr Kumar can help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted and along with that the confidence you may have lost. He brings over 15 years of experience to his practice and believes in creating beautiful natural results. Dr Kumar is highly sought after for his body contouring procedures which focus on areas such as the breasts, arms, back, abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks and flanks – the areas that are most affected after losing a significant amount of weight. During your consultation, Dr Kumar will evaluate your needs and take the time to understand your main concerns before suggesting a surgical plan that is tailored specifically for you.

As a patient of Dr Kumar, you can expect a personalised and positive experience. Along with him, his professional and caring team are there to support you on your surgical journey from your first call to well after you have recovered from your surgery. Working in harmony with you, Dr Kumar and his team strive to provide exceptional results that will leave you feeling proud and confident in your own skin.