Almost everyone has seen dentist at some point in our lives. For many, the reason for going is a dental emergency but there is so much more that dentist can do for you. The mouth and surrounding structures are an extraordinary and complex part of the body that plays an enormous part in our quality of life.

We are what we eat
The mouth is the beginning of our digestive system that converts the food we eat into energy that makes the rest of the body work properly. An inability to chew severely hampers this process. As important as it is to provide fuel for the body to function, eating and drinking provide us with one of life’s great joys. Whether it is chocolate bickies and milk, caviar and fine wine, a steak and a cold beer or just gulping down some cold water on a hot day, you deserve to be able enjoy eating and drinking.

Communication, friendship and intimacy
A chat over a nice meal, a high-powered business meeting, a kiss on the cheek for a close friend, the beginning of a new relationship, or a kiss goodnight to your partner of 50 years to say how much you love them – all work a lot better if your mouth is healthy, your teeth are not going to fall out and your breath is fresh.

The smile effect
There is absolutely no doubt that our smile is one of your great assets. There is absolutely no coincidence that our website is full of great smiles: being around people smiling and laughing makes us feel good. Research shows that when you smile, chemicals in our bodies are released that gives us a feeling of wellbeing and not being confident to smile may even be a cause of clinical depression.

Your teeth support your face
Many of the facial features that we associate with ageing such as thin and sunken lips and cheeks is not really a result of age, but of the fact that many older people in our lives lost their teeth at a young age. The bone that holds our teeth is there specifically for that purpose so when we lose the teeth we loose the bone that supports our facial shape. Put simply, lose your teeth and you will look older than you are.

Healthy teeth, healthy body
There are now many proven links between dental disease and serious medical issues such as heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, dementia and depression, to name a few. You will live a longer, happier life with a healthy mouth.

We dentists are a clever lot.
The really great news is that dental disease is preventable and treatable. It is a lot easier to have a complete mouth makeover than it is to have a heart transplant! At Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary we regularly carry out a wide range dental procedures and we are particularly interested in fixing dental disasters! If you would like to more about what our dentists Dr Nidhi Berrera and Dr Glenn Willey can do to improve your life please call for an appointment.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]