As more and more people take more and more pics of themselves from various flattering ( and unflattering) angles, it perhaps go some way in explaining the increase in enquiries for rejuvenating the face and especially neck regions in patients. No one likes a double chin especially in photos and now other then the traditional liposuction and neck lift procedures, there are non surgical treatments that have proven to be highly effective.

A strong jaw line conveys strength, confidence, and youthfulness. This is easier said then done though as this region is one of the more difficult areas for your body to remove fat from and often this area doesn’t respond well to diet and exercise. Traditionally, treatment here required a surgical option whether with liposuction or via neck lift surgery.

Recently though the FDA has approved two new procedures to help treat this area and remove the double chin.

  • Coolsculpting Mini
  • Belkyra


Belkyra is an artificial form of deoxycholic acid. A substance found in bile in your gallbladder and one of the chemicals the body uses to break down fat cells. The substance is injected and attaches to your unwanted fatty tissue. It dissolves its outer cell membrane, destroying the cell. As the fat cells die they release their contents out into your body, where they are metabolised

What to expect

During a Belkyra injecting session, the patient receives a series of small injections beneath their chin. The number of injections will vary as it depends on the size of the area that needs to be treated. On average approximately 45 sites are injected. This takes approximately 20-30 minutes. All patients will require multiple sessions in order to get the most benefit and best results. Most people require four to six sessions approximately 4-6 weeks apart to fully treat the area.


After a cell has been broken down by Belkyra, it has to be metabolised and processed by the body. Most patients see approximately 50 percent of their final result after just two sessions and 70 percent of how they will finally look after four sessions. After six sessions, the excess fat surrounding their jaw should be diminished enough to give a patient a younger, stronger, and more chiselled appearance.

Most Belkyra patients see a ten percent reduction in neck fat after six weeks and a 25 percent reduction over the full course of their treatment. It should be pointed out that a full course of 4 -6 sessions 6 weeks apart means that full results aren’t visible till at least 6 months or more in total time. In total, over 80 percent of patients end up with a strong, visible jaw line and an improved cervico-mental angle ( this is the angle at which the neck intersects with the jaw.) The procedure also stimulates the production of new collagen, so the skin around your chin looks firm and supple.

Coolsculpting Mini

The CoolSculpting Mini is a body sculpting device that freezes and eliminates fat cells through a process known as Cryolipolysis. It cools fat cells to approximately 4 degrees Celsius, which causes ice crystals to form inside of them. As the cells freeze, they die and are broken down and metabolised. Because fat cells freezes at a higher temperature than skin or muscle cells, these cells are destroyed in preference to the other types. Hence the fat can be tagged leaving the other structures intact and undamaged.

What to expect during treatment

During a Coolsculpting Mini session, the cooling device is put under your chin and held in place by a strap around your head. Some patients find the cold temperature a bit uncomfortable at first, but it settles after a few minutes and is hardly noticeable for the rest of the session. Most patients relax, read, or watch movies on their mobile devices until the treatment specialist returns. The Coolsculpting session lasts for 45-60 minutes. Once it’s over, your treatment specialist will massage the skin under your chin to maximise the effect of the treatment. Patients may need one or two sessions to fully eliminate all their unwanted fat, but most have a noticeably stronger jaw after just one.


After a Coolsculpting Mini session, it takes approximately eight weeks for your body to break down and metabolise the fat. During that time, patients see the fat beneath the chin shrink, often there is retraction of skin and the jaw line become more defined. If the result is limited then another treatment can be done between 8-12 weeks to improve this. It is very rare for a patient to need more then 2 treatments to see a result.

A single Coolsculpting Mini session can reduce neck fat by 20-25 percent, making it one of the most effective non-surgical body sculpting techniques available. If another session is required, it is usually performed between week 8 and 12. Results are visible from two months to four months depending on the number of sessions required. The targeted fat cells are permanently eliminated and can’t be regenerated, so the results are essentially permanent. Patients get an improved jaw line that makes them look younger, more vigorous, and more confident.

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