Bespoke is a word originally reserved for suit tailors and their exacting clientele. But made-to-measure is not the province of the elite anymore – and nowhere is it more tailored, and more important, than when you’re considering plastic or cosmetic surgery.

Dr Rohit Kumar and the team at Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary are committed to making the experience at their Leichhardt retreat not just a special one, but targeted to every client’s exact needs. To that end, they have created incredible experience packages for new clients, offering fantastic opportunities across the range of services offered. It feeds into Sydney Cosmetic Surgery’s ethos that a procedure is just one facet of a person, and that with any physical treatment, it’s crucial consider the person as a whole.

For example, a new-patient dental consult is a thorough 90-minute appointment – guaranteed to give enough time for Dr Nidhi Berera to meet the patient, discuss their needs and tailor options to suit them. It’s firstly conducted in an office, not the dental chair, where all the specifics of a patient’s needs and concerns can be covered. The consultation also includes X-rays, a clean with fluoride and complimentary whitening trays. It’s an appointment and treatment normally valued at $480 but charged at $320 (even less if the patient is in a private health fund).

Just another reason why Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary goes above and beyond for its clients. Walk in for a simple treatment – walk out a refreshed, better version of yourself.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]