For people who have a high lip problem but do not qualify for a frenectomy there is still light at the end of the tunnel! Botox relaxes and limits the movement of the – don’t worry, you can still smile and speak perfectly fine. There is little discomfort as the needles used are super fine, and the whole procedure will take up to half an hour. Dr Rohit Kumar, cosmetic plastic surgeon at Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary, suggests that people seeking Botox or any anti-wrinkle injections should see their cosmetic surgeon or clinician every three to four months for top-ups. There are some trained dentists and registered nurses that can inject under supervision of a medical doctor but the safest option would be to go directly to the plastic surgeon who specialises is this field.

Edelweiss veneers.

To enhance your now perfectly aligned smile, dermal fillers come to the rescue. Dermal fillers can give a little “oomph!” to a flat or small pout. The point of this is to slightly plump up and enlarge the lips to make them look fuller. Like the patient on the left, a significant lip increase can enhance a smile but also help balance the face. Different qualities of dermal fillers all have different life spans – cheaper fillers can last as little as two months. Dr Kumar suggests saving the money you would spend to get refilled every couple of months and opt for better quality products. He experiences his patients getting four to 18 months with the filler available at Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary.

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