Nine months before W-Day Decide on the style of dress you want, and try it on. Now try on 16 other styles. Go back to the first one. Order it.

Six months before W-Day… Freak out about impending wedding day. Book in the Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary’s Bridal Package, and a consultation with specialist cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr Rohit Kumar to assess your needs and discuss suitable treatments. Leave feeling suitably calmer.

Five months First dress fitting. Vow to definitely go on a diet from today.

Four months Decide to boost diet with a Coolsculpting session (either additionally, or as part of the Coolsculpt down the Aisle package of six cycles), where fat cells are frozen and then eliminated by the body. Each session takes 60 minutes, with zero downtime. Which means more time to taste cakes.

Three months Realise you have no idea how to waltz, or foxtrot, or even walk property in heels. Decide to see Zarife Hardy immediately for deportment, voice coaching, photography and table etiquette tips. (Come to think of it, the bridal party as a whole could use a bit of help; sign them up – they’ll thank you later.)

One month Stress of planning a wedding starting to take its toll. Book in Botox – worry lines, be gone!

Four weeks Final dress fitting. Smugly nod when dressmaker needs to take the waist in by an inch.

Three weeks Start take-home teeth whitening kit for brilliant, sparkling, happy-ever-after smile. Grimace unconvincingly in the mirror.

14 days Time for a skin change: collagen induction (skin needling with the eclipse micro pen), facial, peel, fillers – decisions! No problem, the Medispa has you sorted. Geek out a little over the high-tech 3D face imaging software.

7 days Set a day aside for a hair-salon. Don’t go for anything drastic – slight trim, and a treatment or semi-permanent colour to amp up the gloss factor. Take your new ’do out for a drink.

24 hours Manicure and pedicure time – get them done a day early because a) it allows for your cuticles to settle down, and b) as if you’re going to have time on the day.

The Big Day! Dance till your feet drop off. Kiss. Laugh. (Collapse in exhaustion.)
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