We’ve waited for our very own Dr Nidhi Berera to appear on Style’s Unveiled – and it’s finally here!

Dr Berera says it was exciting to meet all the couples and help them “transform” their smiles to be perfect for their wedding day. “Working on a TV show was different as there were a lot of time constraints but it was fun to get dressed up for the camera interviews and showcase our amazing work! The couples were so great to work with and really appreciated what we did for them, which made us feel happy too.”

On episode four of the wedding-reveal makeover show, Dr Berera achieved Rebecca Mason’s beautiful bridal smile with the help of dental implants. “It was fantastic working with Bec because she was such a fun personality and had a very interesting story. Her whole life, she’s always had issues with smiling and confidence because she had never had the opportunity to fix her teeth.”

Rebecca’s teeth made her the perfect candidate for cosmetic dentistry work – her gums and teeth were in healthy, plus her natural framework was good. “Her teeth were just very small, discoloured and spaced out, which made her smile look very gapped and uneven,” explains Dr Berera. “We decided that porcelain veneers – thanks to ceramist Rob Dulieu from RWD – would have the biggest impact. This involved preparing her six front teeth, having the porcelain shells made in a laboratory, then cementing them in. The results took two visits and were spectacular. She was very pleased!”

Watch the promo below, then tune into see Rebecca’s big reveal tonight on Foxtel’s Style. Channel 8.30pm tonight, and again at 9.30pm Saturday on E.