Does it hurt?
As with any surgery, expect some discomfort. Everyone varies, but at least a week of recovery time from a desk-bound job – more for if you do manual labour. It’s important not to exert yourself at all. Catch up on some reading. Watch that box set. Excessive movement can disrupt the healing process and cause wound healing and implant mobilisation problems.

Will they look real?
Silicon implants – in Australia, almost 99% of breast implants used are silicone-gel filled. In general, the firmer a gel is the better shape-holding characteristics it has, whereas the softer it is the less shape-holding capacity it has. Patients decide on their “look” and discuss this with Dr Kumar. He is especially renowned for his natural looking breasts.

Will they feel real?
Again, depends on the implant. The important thing is to have reasonable expectations – your A cup is not going to ever turn into a DD overnight. Small steps, and an open mind is key. Skin type, current breast size and shape, weight… these all contribute to the final surgery. Listen to your surgeon. Over time they will feel more and more real but like anything it doesn’t happen overnight.

Can they explode?
No. In fact, the new generation silicone cohesive gels do not leak in the way that older silicone gels did.

How do you put it in – specifically?
There are a few ways, but the inframammary fold incision – under or in the breast fold – is the safest, and produces beautiful results. Going under the muscles means longer “settling” time, but has the most natural long-term results. The dual-plane technique means the implant is partly under the muscle, and partly not. Some of the implant in key areas is covered by muscle whereas other areas are covered by fascia/breast tissue – the best of both worlds. This is Dr Kumar’s preferred method.

How long before I can hit the beach?
Your breasts will feel firm and ride high initially – this is normal. It can take weeks for the post-operative swelling to go down, and months for the muscle and skin to relax around your new additions. A month to two and they will feel more like breasts, and less like boulders. New bikini time!