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Sydney Based Breast & Body Surgeon

Dr Rohit Kumar

(MBBS MMEDSCI FRACS) Specialist Plastic Surgeon

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Surgery with
Dr Rohit Kumar

As a patient of Dr Kumar, you can expect a personalised and positive experience. Along with him, his professional and caring team are there to support you on your surgical journey from your first call to well after you have recovered from your surgery. Working in harmony with you, Dr Kumar and his team strive to provide exceptional service.

Dr Rohit Kumar

MBBS MMEDSCI FRACS – Specialist plastic surgeon

Dr Rohit Kumar is an Australian certified specialist plastic surgeon (MED0001630444). His particular area of interest is breast and body surgery. Often patients who have achieved massive weight loss, have had one or multiple children (including twins) or have developmental or age related physiological changes ( e.g. large or ptotic breasts) may suffer from significant medical issues as a result. Some of these issues may benefit from plastic surgical procedures and Dr Kumar has over 15 years of experience as a specialist plastic surgeon to help guide you in choosing the right procedure for you.

Dr Kumar as a specialist plastic surgeon has a particular area of interest in body contouring procedures which focus on areas such as the breasts, arms, back, abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks and flanks – the areas that are most affected after losing a significant amount of weight.

During your consultation, Dr Kumar will evaluate your needs and take the time to understand your main concerns before suggesting a surgical plan that suits you.

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“Great plastic surgery does not create beauty, it merely enhances features to display the beauty that was always present.”

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Premium Facilities

Our rooms were awarded the “Best Practice Design” in Australasia by the MFMB Awards.

We ensure our patients enjoy a calming and stress free atmosphere when visiting Dr Kumar. When having you surgery, you can rest assured that Dr Kumar only uses the best accredited facilities to ensure your safety and comfort during your journey.

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Our Team

Meet our award winning team.

All our team members adhere to our philosophy of Safety, Artistry and Service with Integrity.

Each member of our team will always go above and beyond to ensure you receive exemplary service and patient care with absolute confidentiality.

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Popular Surgical Procedures

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Post weight loss surgery is designed to remove symptomatic excess skin and tighten what is left behind. The procedure may involve a number of areas of the upper body and the lower body and can often be performed simultaneously. The breasts, arms, back, abdomen, outer thighs, hips, buttocks, and flanks may all be addressed.

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Breast Augmentation Surgery is an operation that enlarges the breasts by using breast implants. The procedure can help reshape, improve symmetry, and reconstruct the breasts. Breast Augmentation in Sydney is a procedure often performed on women who have small breasts, but it is also a procedure considered by women who have lost volume and shape due to fluctuations in weight, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or other conditions such as breast cancer.

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Motherhood is an enthralling and captivating stage in a woman’s life. However, fluctuating hormones, breastfeeding and the pregnancy itself, have profound effects on a woman’s body and not all of these are positive or “natural”. Having multiple pregnancies often compounds these changes.

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An abdominoplasty or ‘tummy tuck’ is an operation designed to reshape the entire abdomen. The modern abdominoplasty removes excess skin, fat and tightens any loose musculature to create a flat tummy and contoured waistline. Many types of abdominoplasty procedures can be performed and Dr Kumar will guide you in choosing the best operation for you.

Our Patient Results

Dr Rohit Kumar performs a variety of surgical procedures in Sydney, Penrith and Orange.

Each patient is unique, and the specifics of each procedure are customised to align with their individual requirements through a personalised approach.

View our gallery for some examples of the results that can be achieved with Dr Kumar.